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Spacesubs, a PVP-NFT-ROGUELITE is an Ocean and Space Adventure.  The game is a Virtual Reality Experience that can also be played on PC.  The game allows players to use their NFT's for in-game items, from ships, weapons, launching platforms, satellite supply depots, which will give the players an edge while competing against other players in fast paced PVP action for NFT's.

The game takes place in the near future of 2036, spacecraft and science have advanced slightly from where they are now, and players fight one another to earn in-game currency and NFT's in an Ocean and Space adventure.  

The game will continue to grow with NFT-DLC, to continually expand and develop the game around our emerging community, while staying true to our core, making the "Goldeneye" of this new VR generation.  

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PRE-SALE, NFT's Pre-Release

Spacesubs is an immersive game where the environment is deadly, the players are out to get you and there is the potential of earning NFT's, that is excitement.  The game is also a Roguelite, for this game that means that nothing persists after death except the players NFT's, giving them added significance beyond the monetary value for the players.  


Spacesubs PVP-NFT-ROGUELITE, each round starts with players launching into orbit to service a satellite.  The first team or player to land on the satellite and service it will get an in-game NFT.  Players then have to return to a launchpad without experiencing death.  Other players that were unable to land on the satellite can attempt to raid the NFT(s).  The excitement comes from multiple service opportunities and multiple teams fighting simultaneously in, SPACESUBS, a PVP-NFT-ROGUELITE Ocean and Space Adventure! 

Spacesubs VR experience is going to release in 2023, with the closed and open beta releases happening sometime before that.  These type of early Pre-Release NFT are going to be linked to launchpads, orbital space stations and resupply satellite stations which will be a huge advantage for a player or a team playing Spacesubs.  We want to allow Curators, Players, Fans and Investors to see the original concept art done by Jonny Newman, me and show you the raw vision we have for the game.  The Spacesubs team only works with true gamers and is developing the entire game in VR to ensure the highest quality Virtual Experience out there and to serve as a benchmark for future innovators in the game-space.  

Spacesubs is a Virtual Reality Experience, the game takes place in the not too far away 2036, when billionaires and corporations have completely taken over.  Instead of your typical dystopian science fiction, we have portrayed what the actual 2036 will be...  Independent contractors being sent from international waters into international space to "repair" satellites where there is no law, no order, this means players will be fighting in fast paced battles against multiple teams in battles of attrition to take command points in both the Ocean and In Space, in SPACESUBS!!

I cannot wait to see you in-game!! For now, please pick up some PRE-RELEASE NFT's, join our community in Virtual Reality or at a Shawl-Crawl and follow us as we develop the FUTURE IN GAMING!!

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Spacesubs NFT
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